Music video, behind the scenes madness!

imageI have been filming a music video. With an amazing crew. On a Black Magic Cinema Camera. Which is quite an amazing camera I hear! There were four locations. On a mountain, an overgrown garden, a forest and a secluded beach. The shoot took place over three days.

On the first day, call time was 6:00 am. I did not prepare properly for such an early morning! I felt like I had only just put my head on my pillow when I woke up. Death. But I woke up super excited!



After being smothered with makeup we started filming at the mountain location. We attracted some mountain rangers who probably thought we were trying to burn down the mountain because of the polyboard which was reflecting the sun. They ended up taking photos of me on their cellphones. Now I don’t know if they were taking photos of me because they thought I was cool or they wanted evidence of my identity if the mountain burned down that day. I hope the former, but I think it was the latter!

imageWe then moved to the overgrown garden. Halfway through filming there, I started to realise that many huge garden spiders populated the area… I hate spiders. And I had to act cool and calm when there were spiders way too close for my comfort. At one point, Kelly counted 7 spiders in their webs right near my face. I still get shivers thinking about it.

Second day we spent filming at the forest. An amazing location with a beautiful river. More spiders unfortunately. Connor, the director wanted me to sit on a log and put my feet where a spider was. I said no. So he smashed the web away with his hands and showed me the spider was gone. Then I saw it crawling on him. No words… I spent a lot of that session with my instruments too close to water standing on slippery rocks. Good thing I never slipped. Good times.

imageLast day was at the secluded beach. At one point I was asked to stand on a rock in the water and sing my song like a gospel/R&B singer with major flamboyance. I asked if this was for the video. Thankfully it was not, it was for the outtakes and the EPK. So as I was trying to sing like one from the 90s and feeling like a bit of an idiot, as I got into it, I slipped on the rock and almost completely fell into the sea. I’m sure that footage will make it out eventually. Madness.

I had such a good time filming this music video! It will be released soon!


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