This is what happens when you go on tour to Durban!

Last weekend I flew up to Durban, South Africa! I had a show and a radio interview booked for the two nights that I was there.
Interview with East Coast RadioThis first night did an interview on East Coast Radio with Lady Abi Ray. She is really cool! I had so much fun talking with her and singing her one of my songs, Mysterious Deep. But the standout moment for me was when she asked me to sing a spontaneous song on air about cricket!! Luckily I had five minutes to prepare, so I wrote down something. These are the lyrics to the song I sang:

Cricket is the business/ Except when it rains/ When they only play 7 overs/ It brings me to pains// Hit a six/ Catch a ball/ Drink some beer/ Watch it all// Test match/ One day/ Twenty twenty/ It’s all pretty cool// Just don’t rain/ Then we can’t play/ More than 7 overs//

On the second night I played the gig which was also pretty cool. I played at Live with ISO and Young, both very talented bands. The venue is a great venue and produces some of the best sound I have heard in my short career!

Live gig at live

Between all the formal stuff, though, my friend Jordi and I had a bit of fun! You might think we are a bit weird after watching these videos, and you would be right! But that is OK! We vined a whole bunch of random stuff. We took a video of Jordi’s dog who can’t stop jumping into the poolJordi showed me his weirdly impressive talent for accentsAnd we just did some weird stuff! Click on the links to see the videos. If you don’t have audio, place your cursor over the top left hand corner of the video and an audio icon should appear, click it to hear the sound. Enjoy!

So that was Durban! A short but sweet trip, something like a sleep over.  But good times!


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