And now I am in Joburg!

I got back from Durban on 15 March. Then Kelly reminded me that I would be flying to Joburg in two weeks time! I barely had time to catch my breath before leaving for the City of Gold! I left for Joburg on 27 March, and this time I had Kelly to keep me company! The last two trips I was on my own, so this allowed me to be much more excited about everything.

This trip came about because we have some friends who were getting married in Joburg. So Kelly organised some shows for me so as not to miss an opportunity to play in this amazing city! It has been an interesting time since we have arrived.

On Friday morning, we were getting ready to relax and do some work when we got a phone call from a friend inviting us to Gold Reef City. So on the spur of the moment we went roller coaster riding! Gold Reef City has a ride called the “Tower of Terror” which at one point goes straight down (vertical drop) from an incredibly high height, with you face first. Nothing could have prepared me for that thrill. I lost control of my face on that ride… There were also lots of peacocks roaming around and when we had lunch, one almost stole one of my onion rings off my plate on the table! Ridiculous.

Gold Reef City

We attended the wedding the next day. It was beautiful. Most of the friends we caught up with were from Cape Town, so it was a bit of a surreal experience spending time with them in a different city! They served broccoli salad, and it has changed the way I see broccoli for the better. I just wanted more.


Sunday was gig day at the Fourways Farmers Market. I was so amped to play there as it attracts about 7000 people each time. When it came time for me to play, with the help of Kelly, we got everything set up efficiently. And just as we plugged the last cable in, it started to drizzle. Oh, it was an outdoors gig. And then it started to rain. At this point we decided to pack my gear away quickly, thankfully. Then it started to pour. Then hail. Really really hard. We cowered under the sound desk gazebo which was way too small for all the people who were finding cover there. I got swimming pool wet because I was only half under the gazebo. Madness!

Fourways Farmers Market

This coming week is more of a holiday than a tour. I will be playing in Pretoria this coming Sunday at the Capital Urban Market. I may have one more show, but it will be a last minute addition.

I love coming to Joburg. I get to see so many people I love and miss. And I get to play music up here. What a blessing!


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