What I like to wear at gigs

Unlike most musicians, I can’t just wear jeans to every show. In summer it is hot. And my legs get hot. I feel uncomfortable. I like to be practical about the way I dress. So sometimes you are going to see a bit of skin. I choose my outfit accordingly.


Regardless of the season, I love to wear certain shirts like these. You might just see how I really enjoy wearing one of these shirts!

all year outfit

general outfit


Note the shorts. Summer is too hot for jeans. At least for me. Don’t judge haha!


summer outfit

Autumn and Spring

When it starts getting colder, I start wearing longer pants. I enjoy Autumn because it generally allows me to wear my favourite clothes. It is a flexible season! The same applies, really, to Spring. The transitional seasons allow for the best outfits in my lowly fashion opinion! Oh and that’s Kelly by the way, my beautiful girlfriend.

autumn outift

Spring outfit


By the time it gets to Winter, I am usually over wearing short clothing and I’m keen to put on a nice pair of jeans and a comfortable jersey. You know how it is!

Winter outfit

Winter out


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