Home, I Saw Music Video Released! My MAJOR thanks

My debut music video has been released this week! I had so much fun filming it. Every location was so beautiful and I’m stoked that that comes out in the video. I have to thank the people who made this music video possible because they really deserve so much credit! They are all so talented and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for any sort of film to be filmed.

Firstly, I must Jurgen Alan for coming to say hi to me at a gig and offering me this incredible opportunity! None of this would have happened if he did not approach me.

Next, thank you to Kristi Edwardes, my cinematographer. She is incredibly talented and has an ability to capture moments in the most beautiful way. She always made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera and was very encouraging.

Then, thank you to Therese Venn, my producer. She was always perfectly organised and I always knew what was required of me. She also had the ability to take all the pressure off me so I did not have to remember anything (the dream), so that all I had to do was focus on being in front of the camera. She also always made me feel really confident in front of the camera.

Finally, thank you to Connor Dunlop, my director and editor. Connor made this whole thing come alive. He came up with the concept behind the music video. And he always wanted my input, always wanted to ensure that I was happy with what he decided. He made me feel a part of every stage of the music video. At the editing stage a major concern of his was ensuring that I liked every aspect of the video. And he never complained even when I was being a bit silly with what I wanted haha!

Here is the fruit of our labour:


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