Music currently playlisted on my personal private radio

I like to listen to a lot of music from a variety of genres. I think it would be a pity if I only ever listened to one type of music because every genre has its own uniqueness and has something cool to offer. Even pop music. The very fact that a genre has the ability to take captive masses of people is super impressive and highly intriguing to me.

So I went to look at my Deezer listening history. I want to give you an idea of what I have been listening to and why I appreciate it. I’m not trying to be ground breaking in anyway, but just want to give you insight into how I listen to music! Here are 10 songs.

imagine dragons1. Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World

This is possibly the happiest song I have ever heard. At least in the last year. Music fascinates me in that it is able to affect your emotions in such a strong way. And this song can make you feel happy. For this reason I love this song. Any song that has the ability to encourage you through its music and its lyrics possesses something beautiful. Every person needs a happy song, it can get you through so much.

florence and the machine2. Florence And The Machine – Dog Days Are Over

What intrigues me about this song is how the vocals evolve between the beginning of the song and its end. Especially in the chorus. There will be a melody for a particular lyric, then it will be repeated but developed into something more interesting. The vocal melodies draw you in, but keep you interested by changing, yet the change still relates to the original melody, so you are always hearing something familiar, something that makes sense. That is awesome.

the tallest man on earth3. The Tallest Man On Earth – 1904

I just love simplicity. And this song has simplicity in the best possible way. One vocal and a main acoustic guitar (with some other instruments, obviously). The song is not flashy but it takes you on an incredible journey that makes you feel like you are in a dream. Emotions again.

avicii4. Avicii – Wake Me Up

This song speaks to me for one powerful reason. It is a fusion song. It fuses electronic music (House music, I think?) with folk music. I love hearing synths being mixed with acoustic instruments. Oh and added to that is the very soulful vocals. This song achieves something very new and different!

bruno mars5. Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven

Ok I guess you will hear me speak a lot about fusion. That is why I love this song as well. The pop of Bruno Mars meets funky guitars and rock style drum beats. But I also like this song for the chorus. It goes from a more driven verse to a build up then to this chorus that feels like it is ready to explode with energy, but it never does. It just makes you feel excited.

bastille6. Bastille – Pompeii

Dan Smith’s voice is one of the most unique I have heard. Hearing a unique voice is one of the things I listen out for. This song also uses vocal rhythm, harmonies and melodies in very effective ways. Every once in a while I get this highly ethereal feeling listening to this song. Ethereal is good!

ed sheeran7. Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love

I love the repetition in this song! It is a very powerful tool that can intensify the emotional power of a song. At the end of the chorus, Ed Sheeran repeats that line, “My my, my my, oh give me love”. It makes things feel so genuine and you begin to feel the real emotion of the song. If you know me, you know that being genuine is really important to me.

lorde8. Lorde – Team

I love this song because it is so minimalist in the  instrumentation. I always enjoy seeing how so much can be achieved with so little. It just shows how flexible music can be. No matter whether a song is full or minimalist, it can take you on a journey.

dog is dead9. Dog Is Dead – Glockenspiel Song

I LOVE LOVE LOVE harmonies. And different instruments. This band and particularly this song makes incredible use of these two things. Plus with the saxophone in there, there is a certain jazz like feel to the indie rock sound. I think fusions of genres like this are really hard to pull off, but if done correctly, they can take you to the next level of experience. This is the case for this song.

hillsong united10. Hillsong United: Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

This song is one of the most gentle I have ever heard. It gives that feeling of vulnerability. The beautiful synths, the meaningful violin and the tender vocals contribute to this. Then the drums literally make you feel like you are being taken on a journey. Journeys are cool. You really feel like you have travelled after listening to this song.

Bonus: One Direction – Story Of My Life (Shred version), because sometimes in life you actually just need to be able to laugh.

My take home message: There is always a reason to appreciate any type of music. Even if you don’t like it. I don’t believe in saying that one type of music is crap. There is no point. It’s much more exciting trying to understand something and then respecting it for its merits. All music has something cool in it.


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